Dear MCC Community,

We are in the process of offering the following course sometime in the fall of this year.  Please email if you are interested in taking this semester course at MCC.  There is a cost involved ($250-350/participant) as it is taught by a college professor.  We are making it easy for you by bringing to our location insha’Allah.  The deadline to respond with the following details is July 15, 2017: please email your information to

Course Title: Cultural Heritage of Islamic Civilization

Instructor:  Dr. Susan Douglass

Course Description:

This course provides an introduction to the development of Muslim civilization and its cultural interactions on the world stage in the realms of religion, science, economics, and the arts. We will sample classical Islamic texts and objects of art and architecture in a variety of genres, including religious writings, poetry, maqamat, frame tales, philosophical and scientific writings, travel accounts, letters, and other primary sources. We will explore the material culture of Muslim societies and the influences of many cultures on ceramics, metalwork, calligraphy, textiles, gardens and the built world. Most important, we will explore what is “Islamic” about the culture, and ask questions about how the internal integrity of the cultures of Muslims combined with a diversity of influences from beyond, and how Muslims contributed to the heritage of humanity. This course is not just a nostalgic look back upon a past golden age, but a look at what is the relationship of Islam to culture, and what that means for our societies today.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will gain an overview of the cultural contributions of Muslim societies in a world historical context.
  • Students will become conversant with concepts and enduring institutions related to Muslim societies’ cultural production and exchange.

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