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A Commandment of the Prophet Muhammad to All Muslims

Conserved at Saint Catherine’s Monastery, Sinai, Egypt

In the handwriting of ‘Ali ibn Abi Taleb, as dictated to him by the Prophet Muhammad in his mosque (at Medina) on the 3rd of Muharram, Year 2 AH (612 AD):

“This is a message from Muhammad ibn ‘Abdillah, God’s confidant, messenger and warner to all peoples and for the sake of that which God has entrusted to them, so that nobody should contradict his will after the [time of the] messengers. [For] God is powerful and wise.

“He [Muhammad] has written this as an obligation upon those of his own religion and for those who are Christians in all parts of the world, eastern and western, far and near, known and unknown. 

“This is a chart of what he charges them with, so that he who ever contradicts its obligations shall be contradicting and corrupting God’s undertaking and deserving of his condemnation, be he a ruler or any other Muslim believer.

“So whenever a monk or a pilgrim is on a mountain or in a valley, cave, village, plane, church, or temple – we are behind them and they are under our protection. I will fight for them myself and my assistants and followers and for their possessions and temples, for they are my people and my responsibility, so that nobody shall rob their pilgrims or demolish a church of theirs, and nothing of it shall enter a house of any Muslim. Anybody who takes any of it will have broken God’s undertaking and contradicted his messenger [Muhammad]. And no taxes shall be levied on their judges, monks or any of them whose occupation is worship, and no other financial burdens or penalties. For I maintain their protection on land, at sea, in the East, West, North, South, or wherever they are, for they are my responsibility and in the safety of my protection against all that is undesirable to them . . . . . .

“Nobody shall task them with travel or oblige them to conduct war or transport weapons, for it is only the Muslims that shall fight for [defending] them, and they shall only debate with them peacefully according to the aya ‘And do not argue with People of the Scripture except in a way that is best’ {29:46}, so that they may live in peace and protection from what might annoy them or constrain them, wherever they are and wherever they settle. And if a Christian woman marries a Muslim, it must be according to her free will, and she shall not be prevented from attending her church for prayer. Their churches shall be respected, and they shall not be prevented from decorating them or repairing their monasteries. And they shall not be made to fulfill the obligations imposed upon Muslims, but the Muslims shall make war for [defending] them.

“And nobody of the [Islamic] Nation shall break this obligation until the Day of Judgment and the end of the world.”

This solemn undertaking directed to the community of all Christians was dictated by Prophet Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdillah to ‘Ali Ibn Abi Taleb and witnessed by 22 of his companions:

‘Ali Ibn Abi Taleb – Abu-Bakr ‘Abdullah Ibn Abi Quhafa – ‘Omer Ibn el-Khattab – ‘Uthman Ibn ‘Affan – Abud-Darda’ – Abu-Hurayrah – ‘Abdullah Ibn Mas‘ud – Al-‘Abbas Ibn ‘Abdel-Muttalib – Al-Fadl Ibn ‘Abbas – Az-Zubayr Ibn el-‘Awwam – Talha Ibn ‘Abdillah – Sa‘id Ibn Maath – Sa‘id Ibn ‘Ibadah – Thabet Ibn Nafis – Zayd Ibn Thabet –Abu-Hanifa Ibn ‘Utbah – Hashem Ibn ‘Umayr – Mu‘azzam Ibn Quraysh – Al-Hareth Ibn Thabet – ‘Abdel-‘Azhim Ibn Al-Hasan – ‘Abdullah Ibn ‘Amr Ibn el-‘As – ‘Ammar Ibn Yaser”

Source: Rose el-Youssef Magazine, May 25th 1992