There will be no Senior group  meeting at MCC Community Hall on Saturday,  Sept 9, 2017

Instead on that day,  Senior group will be having GROUP OUTING to attend  Discussion Forum on “Challenges Facing Minorities in Today’s America” It will be held at Montgomery Ball Room, Hilton Hotel, 620 Perry Parkway, Gaithersburg, MD. It is being sponsored by American Muslim Institution and most of the Muslim News and TV reporters have been invited. It will promptly start at 1:00 PM and finish before 4.00 PM. Please see the attachment for complete details.

Senior Group management have arranged following for the convenience of the travel to Hilton Hotel.

1. MCMF have kindly offered their Bus which can hold comfortably 12 adults.If needed and we have more members who can not drive or wants to have a ride, can also arrange MCC bus which holds 8 adults. Before 4th of September, I and  or Brother Ashraf Qureshi will need to know if you want to utilize the bus. You can reply to this e-mail so we know the name and number of members who will be riding the bus or 2 buses.

Bus or Buses will be at MCC by 11:45 AM and will depart promptly at 12:20 PM to reach destination before 1:00 PM.

2. Those who want to travel by their own vehicle are most welcome to do so. If they want to give ride to some of member friends in their car, please let us and them know. They should be at MCC meeting point at 12.00 Noon to pick up their friends.

3. Those who want a ride in the car of their friends, should communicate with them so they can be given the ride if they do not want to go by Bus.

4. Tickets are only available on LINE by ( please see the Brochure). Tickets will not be available on site.The cost of ticket is $10 with 1 $ charge by them. Senior management will be glad to buy it on LINE for you.However, To do so , we will need to know before Sept 4, so we can buy the requested number of tickets. Members are expected to  reimburse the cost of the ticket to Senior management on receiving their tickets.

For more information, contact Bro Ashraf Sufi at or Ashraf Qureshi at