The mission of MCC Young Adults & Professionals (YAP) is to foster an Islamic identity, promote intellectual discourse, and to serve humanity through service.

In the name of Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful.

MCC Young Adults & Professionals (YAP)” was born in December, 2011 by the blessings and grace of Allah (SWT). Initially, YAP catered to a young and upcoming age group that was recently out of the MSA-sphere and into the workforce. It sought to re-connect this population to the masjid and did so successfully for three beautiful years. As time passed, however, YAP members withered away for both legitimate and illegitimate reasons; some married and others lost interest. Thus in 2014 the original founders, and some additions, went back to the drawing board. A plan was hatched to revive the spirit of YAP. What emerged from these efforts is the new ‘YAP’–an organization with broader goals and a more inclusive audience. The new YAP welcomes college students, fresh graduates, professionals, housewives, and families. Inshallah our programming has something beneficial for all ages.

MCC Young Adults & Professionals strives to provide a platform for spiritual and personal development through a diverse range of programs, ranging from lectures and discussions to social gatherings. Some of YAP’s most prominent and recurring events include:

– What’s Yappenin’: YAP’s modern twist on the halaqah focuses on providing a spiritual boost and personal development. Previous speakers include:

– Shepherd’s Table: YAP’s ongoing effort to serve the greater community is furthered by feeding the less fortunate. Other opportunities will be added shortly insha Allah. Click here to sign up

– Summer BBQ: An annual event that YAP hosts to facilitate and strengthen relationships amongst our members.

– Chocolate Storm: An opportunity to brainstorm with other YAP members on improving current programs and adding new ones, whist enjoying a chocolate feast.

– One for One Iftar: YAP’s annual iftar takes place in Ramadan and all proceeds that are raised a donated to a worthy cause (previously Shepherd’s Table).