For MCC Funeral services, please contact (in order of first contact):

  • Primary Contact: Imam Mohamed Abdullahi | MCC: 301-384-3454 | Cell:  703.973.3096 |
  • Br. Nehal Shah | Cell: 301-704-6360 | email:
  • Br. Saleem Khan | Home: 301-625-0336 | 301-538-0799 | email:

To purchase a plot at Maryland National Memorial Park cemetery in Laurel, complete this form and bring it to MCC office located at 15200 New Hampshire Avenue, MD 20905.

Additionally, MCC recommends that individuals seek help from nearby Washington Metro Area Masjid Funeral Coordinators to obtain lower funeral costs.

Cost estimates of Funeral Homes and Cemeteries are compiled for community’s convenience and financial savings. Some of this cost may be defrayed through the Department of Social Services, if the family qualifies for financial assistance.  Zakat assistance may also be available from Masjids for needy families.

  1. Washington Metro Area Masjid Funeral Coordinators
  2. Area Funeral Homes Costs
  3. Area Cemeteries Costs

MCC has prepared a document to inform the community members about funeral guidelines. This document also contains list of Washington DC area Masajids, funeral homes, and cemeteries.

Click here to download MCC Funeral Guidelines

For more detailed information check these links for related sources:

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JazakAllahu Khair.