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Rules & Regulations For Hall Rental

  1. Rental or use of the MCC property by Non Members is not a right. It is a privilege granted by the Management and may be withdrawn at any time at its sole discretion.
  2. To rent the hall a completed hall rental application must be submitted.
  3. A reservation shall not be deemed to have been made until the entire amount of the rent and security deposit has been received in cash by MCC.  In case of payment by check, the check has been cashed and amount of the check (rental and security deposit) has been credited in MCC’s bank account.  In case of on-line reservation, the amount has been electronically deposited in MCC account at
  4. On-line reservations are subject to automatic cancellation if the rental fee and deposit are not received within 24 hours of the time of reservation request.
  5.  Falsification or misrepresentation of any information on the hall rental application, hard-copy or on-line, will be grounds for immediate cancellation of reservation.
  6. The sanctity of the Muslim Community Center shall be observed at all times.  Consumption of alcohol on MCC premises is not permitted.  Food and drinks are not permitted inside the mosque, library, classrooms or offices.
  7. The rental will strictly be for the personal use of the party renting the hall.  The reservation cannot be transferred or hall sub-leased to someone else.  MCC Members’ discount will be available to MCC members of good standing, who rent the hall for personal use and for use by the immediate family (spouse, minor sons and daughters only).
  8. Hall and Pavilion rental will be a flat fee specified below. This fee is for a period not to exceed five consecutive hours or a fraction thereof.  Rental exceeding initial five hours period is also specified below.
  9. A returnable security deposit specified below is required along with the hall rental charges at the time of making reservation of the hall.  The security deposit will be refunded after deducting the charges applicable to the following factors.
  • Occupying the halls beyond the time specified in the rental application.
  • Damage and breakage of the property or the equipment.
  • Kitchen or rental hall left dirty or untidy and food and trash not removed from the premises.

10. Reservation can be cancelled by providing two weeks written notice.

11. The use of kitchen is included in the hall rental.  Kitchen has a stove to be used only for warming food and not for preparing or cooking      food.  It has a refrigerator but no other appliances, pots, pans, dishes, crockery or cutlery, etc.  At the end of the event foods, drinks and leftovers must be removed from the kitchen, the main hall and the premises, or dumped in the dumpster.

12. Renter will be responsible to set up the hall including assembling and disassembling of tables and stacking of chairs and loading them in their respective carts.  Chairs, tables or other furniture shall not be dragged across the floor to prevent damage to the floor.
13.  MCC will not have any help to load or unload food or drinks or any other items.
14.  Nails or thumb tacks cannot be used for hanging decorations. Appropriate masking tape which does not discolor or damage the walls or the ceiling may be used. Decoration cannot be hung from the fire sprinklers, light fixtures, TV monitors or mini blinds, etc.
15.  MCC will not be responsible for any lost or stolen articles or damage to a guest’s or attendee’s personal property while on the premises.
16.  The Renter will be responsible to maintain orderly conduct during the rental period.   Adult supervision, as appropriate, MUST be provided for children and younger people.

17.  The Renter will designate a person to be contacted in case of an emergency or violations of this contract and to do the cleanliness inspection and check-out at the end of the event.

Hall Rental Schedule effective December 1, 2013.

Security Deposit – Applicable to all contracts $250 per event per facility
MCC  Hall – Non Members $750 for the first 5 hours
MCC Hall – MCC Members in Good Standing $600 for the first 5 hours
Memorial Services for a person whose ‘Janaza’ service was held at MCC $300 for first three hours
Pavilion (Gazebo) – Non MembersPavilion (Gazebo) – Members $350 for first three hours

$300 for the first three hours

Additional Hours beyond the initial 5 or 3 hours. $100 for the Hall and $75 for the Pavilion.


Click here for Hall Reservation Application

Click here for Hall Rental Application