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Prayer times for many areas can be found at the home pages of local masajid and student organizations. Below are some tools that can also calculate prayer times for many areas. There are sometimes different opinions on determination of prayer times, so it’s usually best to follow established schedules of your local community (for example, Shafi`i fiqh and a solar depression angle of 15 degrees are the norm for North American calculations). In extreme latitudes, the length of days and nights allows for an exception to normal calculation.  Please use one of the following links to find prayer schedule for your area.
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Information on Prayer times calculations
Br. Khalid Shaukat’s article on why one should not solely rely on prayer times calculators.

Islamic Timer by Waleed A. Muhanna
Programs for determination of prayer times and Qibla, prayer time notification, and Hijri date services. Available for UNIX and DOS.

Determination of Salaat Times
By Dr. Monzur Ahmed. This article gives the definitions of the prayer times, presents various local conventions in use, and explains solutions to the “persisting twilight” situation at extreme latitudes.

QiblaLocator a simple and effective way to locate the Qibla (direction of the Kaa’ba) without using a compass or knowing which direction North is. All you need to know is where you are and know how to look at a map.

Qibla Direction
Presents a method for Qibla determination by sun-sighting