Mission: “To establish a bond between the Muslim youth of the community in an environment where individuals feel comfort and are rid of all insecurities through the teaching of the Quran and Sunnah. The MCC Youth Organization stands as a platform for youth to have a voice in the community and become successful, independent adults who continue to add to the growth of the community.”

Muslim Youth Program every Friday at 6:30 PM in MCC Main Hall.

Muslim Youth Organization conducts a Halaqah for youth (male and female) above 12 years of age. The program includes dinner, Isha prayers, and a lecture followed by discussions.

Youth Committee Members

Youth Committee Chair: Shabnom Khan
President: Walee Khan
Vice President of Brothers Affairs: Hamza Ansari
Vice President of Sisters Affairs: Nazea Khan
Secretary: Zaynub Siddiqui
Treasurer: TBD

Event-Planning Committee Head: Abdulaziz Ahmed
Marketing Committee Head: Marwa Ahmed
Logistics Committee Head: Abdurahman Abdullahi
Funding Committee Head: Zaafira Elham
Community Outreach Committee Head: Ibrahim Elamine

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