“The mission of the MCC Sunday School is to develop and preserve the Islamic character of our youth by establishing their knowledge and love of the Quran and Sunnah; strengthening their hearts with iman and taqwa; and inspiring them to apply this knowledge to their daily lives.”

Children are both the present and the future of any community. Our efforts at the MCC Weekend School include developing curriculum and employing highly-skilled teaching and administrative staff to provide a positive and caring Islamic learning environment.  To accommodate a very large need, we have recently opened identical programs on both Saturday and Sunday.  The programs use the same curriculum and several teachers even work on both days.  The school serves students ranging from Kindergarten through high school and generally follows the Montgomery County Public Schools calendar. Currently, more than 520 students are enrolled with nearly 70 teachers and teaching assistants to guide them..

Our instructional day is equally divided into two parts – one period for Quran instruction and one for Islamic Studies.  The Quran portion of the program begins with mastery of the Qaaidah Nooriniyah to ensure that students become fluent in Arabic letter recognition and makhaarij, proper pronunciation.  From there students learn the rules of tajweed in order to read the Quran accurately and in the beautiful manner in which it is prescribed.  The Islamic Studies portion of the program is anchored in the Weekend Learning Publishers textbook series aligned with a student’s age.  Teachers are well equipped with state-of-the-art resources, creative activities and a depth of understanding about Islamic principles and practices which help to guide not only learning about the religion but the motivation to live it.

Students are also offered a lunch and recess break which enables and encourages them to socialize and develop friendships with other Muslim children.  In addition, classes taught by the imam and guest lecturers on a wide variety of topics are offered to parents and members of the community during school hours.  The sum total demonstrates our commitment to the spiritual health of the entire family and to life-long opportunities to learn about the deen and implement it in our everyday lives.

Alhamdullilah, our rosters are filled with students who are eager to learn about Islam.  We have a limited number of spaces that will be available in our Saturday School and Sunday School programs for the 2017-18 school year. New students will be accepted on a first come, first served basis if there is space available in the appropriate Quran and Islamic Studies classes. To inquire about available space or to add your name to our Wait List, please contact principal@mccmd.org .  We look forward to serving the Islamic education needs of your family, inshallah.

Weekend School Principal:  Zahirah Eppard

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